Your AI-Perfected Fitness Trainer Awaits


Discover aiWORKOUT generator – your ultimate fitness coach! Our advanced AI technology creates personalized workout plans based on the style of training you’re most passionate about. Each program is tailored to your goals, fitness level, and available equipment. Certified workouts are extremely advanced, hyper-personalized programs reviewed, and revised by a Certified Personal Trainer. Their expertise is in the style of training you select.



Meet Your AI Fitness Trainers:

Welcome to the future of fitness with aiWORKOUT generator, where every workout plan is as unique as you are. Each coach has an aiGENERATOR dedicated to their specialty. There is also a real human  coach behind that avatar that also has a certification in the same area of expertise.  

AI doesn’t have a memory yet

You can’t simply prompt an aiGENERATOR to create a great workout each time, you have to teach it a style of training. Every coach has a dedicated aiGENERATOR that is being constantly trained in their expertise. Choose your desired style of training, and you will get the best available program AI can write!


Meet Coach Justin Functional Training

Become a Warrior with a Tactical Fitness Program designed and certified by a U.S. Army Master Fitness Trainer

Meet Coach Rachel Cardio & HIIT

Become a cardio legend with a complete cardio program from this Cycle and Boot Camp certified instructor.

Meet Coach Rayshon Strength & Conditioning

Start your strength program today! Learn how to generate power and force in programs designed by this ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.

Meet Yoga Teacher Mei Hatha & Vinyasa

Begin and evolve your yoga practice with a Hatha and Vinyasa certified teacher.

Meet Coach Graham Cycle Strength & Endurance

Improve your cycling with these incredible strength and endurance workouts designed for long distance cycling.

Meet Yoga Teacher Tristan Power Vinyasa & Ashtanga

Build up your core and joint strength with Tristan’s unique yoga fusion power style.


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